Gina Verster is an artist and writer with long nurtured francophilic tendencies and a natural compulsion for certain architectural affinities.

B.A. in Fine Arts (1985) from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Practicing artist and artisan exhibiting at various galleries and other venues in Vancouver since graduating from UBC.

Created the first self-curated concept gallery in Vancouver,  Maison V (1996-2000), incorporating contemporary art and sculptural furniture, French antiques, and art, architecture and design books.

One term on the Board of Directors at The Canadian Craft Museum [now defunct] (1999/2000)

Conducted occasional art and antique buying tours in Paris with private clients (2000-2007).

Volunteer at the West Vancouver Art Museum (2012-2018).

A selection of essays on her Paris sojourns is archived on

"Architectural Bondage" - an in progress series of paintings on wood panels and on canvas is posted on


Paris Primitif Project is an irreverent blog featuring the street ephemerae and raw poetry of her personal Parisphere. 

Savage States is a photo-essay and poetics site to record the visually vigorous and unruly spaces of Vancouver.

ididiom = my id ++ your idiom  a collection of photo+imagery of text+ual art and other typo+coolness.

Zygosphere is her first blog created in 2006 as a conjugation zone for all her poetics, captive moments and painterly aspirations with images from France, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark and other countries she has traveled in.


paris primitif 


Paraverbal Mutterings Paraverbal Muttering


all images copyrighted to GINA VERSTER, 2007-2019
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